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Buffaloe Lanes Elite Tour 2010 –2011

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Bowlers will use their highest 09-10 Buffaloe Lanes yearbook average to determine their division. Bowlers may choose to move up in divisions but may not go down in divisions. If a bowler has no Buffaloe Lanes yearbook average, the bowler will use the highest between their 09-10 yearbook average and a current Buffaloe Lanes league average with at least 21 games. Bowlers must compete in a minimum of 4 tournaments to participate in the year end Grand Final. Bowlers will need to have a minimum number of games in for the current season to compete in each tournament. (12 gms by Oct 10th, 18 gms by Nov 7th, 24 games by Dec 5th, 30 gms by Jan 9th, 36 gms by Feb 6th, 42 gms by Mar 6th, 48 gms by Apr 3rd)

Averages (HDCP Division):
Bowlers in the Rex Sheets Division ( HDCP ) will use the same division average as listed above. Once a bowler has an 21 game average in a Buffaloe Lanes league and that aver-age is 10 or more pins higher than the entering average, that average shall be used for that tour stop. Averages will be check at each tour stop. Current averages shall be the highest of all leagues bowled in their qualifying center. It will be the bowlers responsibility to notify their qualifying center of their correct average. Any violations will result in a disqualification.

There will be 8 Tour Stop Tournaments with a Grand Tour Final. In the first round of quali-fying, bowlers may use their league scores from the regular league night or bowl 3 games after league play. (No pre or post bowls will be allowed) Enter as many times as you wish. Qualifying scores will be combined from all Buffaloe Lanes Centers in each round to deter-mine winners. The top 30 scores in each division will advance to second round qualifying. In the second week round qualifier, bowlers will bowl 3 games and add pin fall from round one qualifying scores to determine winners. The top 6 bowlers in each division will ad-vance to the Tour Final. The Tour Final will be held at a selected center. (see front page for schedule)

Tour Final:
Squad times will be at 1 pm and practice will start at 12:50 pm. The top 6 bowlers in each division will bowl a stepladder final to determine the winners. Bowlers making the top 6 will earn bonus points depending on final finish. First will be awarded 600 points with 2nd awarded 500 points and continuing down in increments of 100.

Pay Out:
The top six bowlers will cash in each division. First place will be guaranteed $200.00. If a bowler does not show for the finals, the seeding will be rearranged accordingly. A bowler not showing for the finals will not cash or receive bonus points.

Players will accumulate points for their positions in each tour stop. First place shall receive 2000 points, 2nd place will receive 1990 and continuing down. There will be 4 major tour-naments and these points will be doubled.

Points Champion:
At the end of the tour, the points leader in each division will receive $300.00. The top 4 bowlers in each division will receive a bye into the quarter final round of the Grand Tour Final Tournament.

Grand Tour Final:
The top 68 bowlers in each division, that have competed in a minimum of 4 tournament stops by the end of the season, will be invited to participate in the Grand Tour Final. The tournament will be held at Buffaloe Lanes Erwin on May 7, 2010. Bowlers will bowl 2 games bracket style with total pins and with handicap where applicable to determine win-ners. The first place winner in each division will receive $2000.00.

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Tournament Results

1st Round Qualifying

2nd Round Qualifying

Final Results

South (Major) - Sept. 26th

North - Oct. 24th

Cary - Nov. 21st

Erwin (Major) - Dec. 19th

South - Jan. 23rd

North (Major) - Feb. 20th

Cary (Major) - Mar. 20th

Erwin - April 17th

Grand Tour Final

Points Standings

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