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2010 - 2011 Elite Tour

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Elite Tour Calendar

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Rex Sheets Division Winner

Josh Haire - Erwin

Gene Glasgow Division Winner

Chris Watkins - North

Bill Hayes Division Winner

Ricky Buffaloe Jr. - North

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Rex Sheets Step Ladder Finals

 (Handicap Scores)

   (1)Josh Haire def. (2) Steve Underwood


(2) Steve Underwood def. (4) Jashua Cumbie


(4) Jashua Cumbie def. (3) Eddie Starling


(4) Jashua Cumbie def. (6) Johnny Turlington


(5) Larry Mial

(No Show)

Gene Glasgow Step Ladder Finals

(Scratch Scores)

(5) Chris Watkins def. (1) Steve Brewer


(5) Chris Watkins def. (2) Robert Lahr


(5) Chris Watkins def. (3) Thomas Trussler


(5) Chris Watkins def. (4) Frank Grzesik


(5) Chris Watkins def. (6) Martin Mial



Bill Hayes Step Ladder Finals

(Scratch Scores)

(1) Ricky Buffaloe Jr. def. (2) Len Hilliker


(2) Len Hilliker def. (3) Justin Breito


(3) Justin Breito def. (6) Jonathan Stone


(6) Jonathan Stone def. (4) Dan Moore


(6) Jonathan Stone def. (5) Daryl Savage



Year-to-Date Points Standings

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Tournament Results

1st Round Qualifying

2nd Round Qualifying

Final Results

South (Major) - Sept. 26th

North - Oct. 24th

Cary - Nov. 21st

Erwin (Major) - Dec. 19th

South - Jan. 23rd

North (Major) - Feb. 20th

Cary (Major) - Mar. 20th

Erwin - April 17th

Grand Tour Final

Points Standings

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