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Coaching Staff

USBC Certified Silver Level Coaches:

Ryan Woodard - Head Coach

Gregg Helms - Asst. Coach

Melissa Morrow - Asst. Coach

Jon Walsh - Asst. Coach

Other Coaches:

Dan McCaskill

Shane Phelps

Kristy Helms

Gerald Morrow

Rick Belscher

Butch Zdelar

Contact Ryan Woodard if you have any questions!

Buffaloe Lanes South
(919) 779-1888

Buffaloe Lanes North
(919) 876-5681

Buffaloe Lanes Cary
(919) 468-8684

Buffaloe Lanes Erwin
(910) 891-7668

Buffaloe Lanes Mebane
(919) 563-9999





Buffaloe Lanes Junior Gold Program


In preparation for upcoming tournaments, practice sessions are scheduled with various sport patterns. Certified team coaches, as well as, certified house assistants will be available to help with adjustments. A schedule of practice dates is available on-line. Other days and practice times will be made available as the season progresses. Please click on the calendar to the left to see any practices.


Each member will receive information about upcoming tournaments and events. This will include pricing, travel and lodging details if needed. Along with this information, the bowler's progress will be tracked and recorded to provide support at the home center. Attention will be given to maximize each bowler's potential qualifying for the USBC National Junior Gold Event.

Fundraising Potential:

To encourage as much participation in the USBC National Junior Gold Event, the team members will be able to utilize the bowling center for at least 2 fundraising events during the bowling season in order to procure funds for the Buffaloe Lanes Junior Gold Team. The details for the fundraising will be left up to the team members, coaches and the center's management.

Coaching and Leadership:

During the season, each team member will have the opportunity to help with the coaching and leadership of the center's youth. Each member will be encouraged to take an active part in the planning and implementing of the youth program. Each team member will be encouraged to help with special workshops given during the year for the benefit of fellow youth members not on the team.


Various scholarship offers from the local association, state association and national association are available using the SMART Program. Team participation may allow individuals a greater chance of nomination for certain scholarships based on coaches recommendations.



Up Coming Tournaments
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Tourament Results
*Indicates "Premier Events"

April 19, 2015 at North
Final Standings
Video: Match Play

April 18, 2015 at South
Qualifying Results
Video: Qualifying Games

*January 17, 2015 at Erwin
Games 1 - 8

Video: Games 1-4
Games 5-8

*January 18, 2015 at Cary
Boys Results
Girls Results
Video: Match Play & Step-Ladder Finals

October 18, 2014 - All Results
Video: All Games

Click Here to See Standings

April 26, 2014 - Qualifying
U12 - Results
Boys Division
Girls Division
Video: Qualifying Games

April 27, 2014 - Final Results
8 Game Total: Boys - Girls
Boys Bracket
Girls Bracket
Video: Seeding Games & Brackets

*March 8, 2014
U12 - Results
U15/U20 - Results
Video: Qualifying Games
Stepladder Finals

*January 11, 2014 Qualifying
Boys - Girls
Video: Games 1 - 5
Games 6 - 10

* January 12th - Final Results
Video: Games 1 - 7
Game 8 & Stepladder Finals

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